Surrey Racing Cycling League

Exciting News for 2022

Surrey League and South East Road Race League (which will operate under the name of Kent Cycle Racing League) have joined forces for 2022, bringing South East riders an extensive and exciting calendar.  By running both leagues jointly, we can coordinate a fuller and easier workable league for all, that covers the entire region.
We’ll also be running both leagues through the mylaps transponder system, meaning riders can tap into all their results anytime.

Listed below are the main bullet points of how it will work:

  • Clubs affiliate as normal by completing the club application form at the same cost of £60.00, this will now give your club affiliation to both leagues.
  • Clubs will organise 2 events as normal, but now you can choose from a larger list from both leagues. There will also still be the option for clubs to pay the higher fee and not organise events (see league rules).
  • Same affiliation conditions apply as normal, but with just one affiliation that covers both leagues.
  • Same price for individual affiliation of £25.00 (12.50 for Women and Junior riders).
  • Riders will now also purchase a transponder and yearly subscription.
  •  The price of a transponder for the first year is £39.00. This includes buying the transponder and one year’s subscription.
  • The price for the second year (and following years) is £20
  • The transponder belongs to the rider meaning they can also use it for other events not organised by the leagues, that also use transponders.
  • Riders will then have their transponder for the year and be given their race body numbers for the year. This will be your transponder and number for all our races.
  • Non affiliated riders can hire a transponder on the day for £5.00 (Affiliated riders who forget their transponder will also have to do this).
  • All entries will be as normal through RiderHQ, with both league’s events being as one series so now entries can be moved between any of our races.
  • The season-long points competition (which also equates to the end of season prize money) will now run through both leagues’ events, giving a true region-wide competition.

Club affiliation is open now by sending the Club application form to Glyn at Surrey League.  Individual affiliation will be open from January.


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