Result of Club Hill Climb on 18th August on GH/41 Ranmore Common Road

Result of Club Hill Climb on 18th August on GH/41 Ranmore Common Road. 1120 yards. Once again thanks to Peter and Tony Wells helping at the start, as well as at the few of our evening time trials this shortened season.The evening was warm with a low hazy sun and a light south easterly wind. The traffic was the busiest that I have ever seen in the nearly 60 years of being at the hill. There were lots of cyclists going up and down both on road and mountain bikes, cars, one towing a horse box, then two hired transit type vans.The vans went pass very slowly, then stopped about 100 yards beyond the start just before Rob Orr was due to go off. We could see they were having difficulty turning round, then they came back down past us again slowly.It had been decided to delay Rob starting until they were out of the way.After all of that, James Seymour produced the fastest time, winning his first club event, after doing some fast 10 mile times recently. Mike page was runner up, 20 seconds down on James.Second fastest time were done by second claim member, Ivan Newsome only 2.6 seconds slower than James.Ivan had improved 30 seconds on his time two years ago.Because of Covid19 and the Stepping Stones not being open for meals and drinks, we weren’t able to round off this short season there.

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