Result of Club 10 Mile Event Tuesday 14 July on G10 /41 at Kingsfold using A24/A29

Result of Club 10 Mile Event Tuesday 14 July on G10 /41 at Kingsfold using A24/A29.

Thanks to Peter for timing and doing the result for us.

It was good to see a lot of supporters out, Tony Wells, Colin Shales, Lionel Barden, Brian Vandervilt & Simon McCarthy.

Since we last saw Simon he has had a lot of illness, so was great seeing him out riding his bike again.

This was our first event ever using this little used course, although it was suggested by our Bob Stapley and measured by Robin Johnson in 2009.

A field of 16 riders showed that members were keen to get back racing again

An hour before the start there was a very local shower. There were wet roads from Okewood Hill cross road on the A29, then on Marches Road up towards the A24.

Fortunately there was only a short damp stretch by the time riders started.

It was overcast with a very light North Westerly wind and was a good evening, even with the many rough surfaces fast times were done.

Paul Deen was the winner of the first club event, back after a break of 17 weeks with Paul Haywood runner up.

Isaac Griffiths was next, doing a surprise personal best, improving 16 seconds on his ride last year on the faster Crawley to Horsham course.

Neil Crozier after a very long break did a good come back time time. He still holds four club team records from 20 years ago.


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