Result of Club 10 mile event Tuesday 28th July on G10/42 the A24 Holmwood course

Result of Club 10 mile event Tuesday 28th July on G10/42 the A24 Holmwood course.

Thanks to Peter for timing and producing the result, also to Tony Wells, for helping at the finish.

For the third event running, a big thanks to Chris Rosam for doing the warning signs.

So pleasing to see him back racing now that hospital treatment, that started in December has finished.

Good to see Dudley Samuals, Emma Dodds, Richard Varian & Mr Page out supporting the riders.

With roadworks scheduled, we weren’t sure if the event would go ahead until late afternoon.

First we had a good report back from Harry Turnbull, then Colin Gray later confirmed that the road was still clear.

Then as the first riders were reaching the turn, cones were just being put out because the A24 was being close south of the roundabout.

It was a bright evening with a light north westerly wind, almost the right conditions for this course with many riders doing good times.

There were the maximum 30 entries, our biggest Club Event field for many years, with riders keen to have the chance to race again.

Paul Haywood the winner possibly took advantage of Paul Deen being unable to ride and the runner up James Seymour improved 17 seconds on the time he did Saturday on this course.

Jaak Van Der Werff a new member this year, was chased all of the way round by Paul. Jaak’s fast time was done on a road bike with no aero aids, so a lot more to come.

There were personal best times by James Seymour, Rob Orr & Andy Long who improved 2 minutes 20 seconds to take the handicap award from Chris Parry the runner up.

Every rider that rode the last Club 10 mile at Kingsfold two weeks ago improved on their times there.


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