Result of Club 10 mile event on 6th July on G10/42 the A24 Holmwood course

Thanks to Peter Cooke for doing the result, and to Lionel Bardon for assisting at the start and finish with Colin Shales and Tony Wells out supporting. Also thanks to Paul Haywood for putting out the warning signs, that are required for this course. 

After some showers until the late afternoon the roads and evening were dry, with a south westerly wind. With the wind in this direction it was a tough event, hard to the turn and fast back. Most riders were around a minute slower than their best time on the course this season.

Paul Deen the winner, was just over a minute slower than when he was third in the Crawley Wheelers event on Saturday. Paul Haywood was the runner up, with Ryan Sharp the closest rider to his best time, taking the handicap award with Paul Malloy the runner up.

Fast times were done by Flora Perkins and Jacob Storey both from Velo Club de Londres.


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