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Another great ride by Paul Deen last Sunday in the Hampshire Road Club 25 mile event on P881/25 course using the A3 road.

In far from ideal conditions he set a new Club Record of 50:58 which took 3 seconds off the time he did six years ago on a Welsh course with a gift hill.

Paul Haywood also rode but was a little off form, but still did 53:28 another good time.

Paul Deen’s friend Paul Burton who was a member of our Club, won the event with a tremendous course record. See:

2021 Club Events Handicap Competition:

After last week’s 15 mile event on the Henfold Hill circuit Ryan Sharp is still in the lead.
With James Langstraat finishing first on handicap in the event he has closed the gap to just one point behind Ryan.

Based on total points accumulated in all club events. The best eight events to count. Winner in 2020 was Isaac Griffiths. Awarded on the basis of 10 points for 1st handicap decreasing to 1 point for 10th.

After 16  events there are a lot of riders very close to each other.

Still In the lead  is Ryan Sharp with 69 points from eight events.

Second is James Langstraat with 68 points from eight events.

Third is Paul Malloy with 65 points from eight events.

Fourth is Isaac Griffiths with 58 points from eight events.

Equal fifth is Steve Grout with 53 points from eight events.

Equal fifth is Paul Deen with 53 points from eight events.

Seventh is Paul Haywood with 48 points from eight events.

Eighth is Daniel Arthur with 44 points from eight events.

The above riders are those with over 40 points and to improve totals, these riders will have to improve on their event with the lowest points.

NOTE: There are just three counting events left:

Tuesday 3 August, Club 10 mile on G10/42 at Holmwood

Sunday 8 August, Club 25 mile on H25/8 at Bentley (A31 road)

Sunday 5 September, Southern Counties CU 25 mile event on G25/55 at Holmwood (using A24 & A29 roads)

Riders need to enter the event on the CTT website, see:

Also to qualify for our Club Events BAR which is 2×10 & 2×25 mile events, you will need to do both the above 25’s unless you rode the 25 mile on 30 May at Bentley.

Most members that have been doing our Club Events have done at least two of the 10 mile events.


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