The Milk Churn is a very popular and regularly visited stop. They have a good selection of cakes and are particularly known for their cheese on toast.

Epsom CC at Milk Churn, June 2021
June 2021

They have inside and outside seating and even though many cyclists stop there year round, there is usually always table space.

Epsom CC at The Milk Churn
November 2021


There are many different ways to get to The Milk Churn which vary in length and elevation but a loop from Epsom is normally around 50 miles.

Hilly route
This is a particularly lumpy route at over 4,000 feet taking in Ranmore, Abinger/Leith Hill on the way out but with a nice cruise down Mole Street. Returning over Pitch Hill, down through Shere, up Coombe Bottom, down Staple Lane and back via Cobham and Malden Rushett.

Get Strava route here – Hilly
Get Garmin route here – Hilly

Route 2Not so hilly route
This route has around 3000 ft elevation. It avoids the bigger hills but still has the nice run down Mole Street.

Get Strava route here – Not so hilly
Get Garmin route here – Not so hilly

Route 3 – Hilly start, not so hilly finish
A shorter route, around 47 miles and less than 1000 m elevation – but it goes over Beech Avenue/Critten Lane, Abinger and Leith Hill before the Mole Street run. Return via Weare Street and Newdigate.

Get Strava route here – route 3
Get Garmin route here – route 3