Event: 10 Mile TT
Course: Holmwood G10/42

NumberNameTimeposHcpHcp TimeHcp pos
14Paul Deen21:571Owe 10 secs22:075
9Peter Allan21:59PTT
10Paul Haywood23:50200:1023:409
4Brandon Stott25:32:00303:1022:226
2Matthew McConnell26:03:0045.320:332
5Daniel Arthur26:45:00504:5021:554
1Chris Rosam27:21:00603:5023:318
6Steve Grout27:45:00704:4023:057
8Trevor Davis29:30:00PTT
7Phil Drew30:49:00811:0019:491
3Richard Varian31:10:00910:3020:403
11Trevor Bush3526PTT
12Peter NobleDNS02:50
13Ray SullivanDNSPTT

A bright and sunny morning but very cold with still conditions.

Thanks to Peter Cooke for producing the result, also to Steve Grout for putting out the warning signs required around the course.

The fastest rider was Paul Deen with the runner up Paul Haywood nearly two minutes slower, after stopping to pick up his fallen water bottle.

Phil Drew improved by nearly two minutes on his personal best time to take the handicap award from Matt McConnell, improving his best by 10 seconds in second spot.

With our events now on the CTT website, other clubs can enter online. There were three Private Time Trials with Peter Alan from Team Velo Sportif two seconds slower than Paul Deen. Out of the eight private rides so far this season, six had not taken part in our events before.