Event: Hill Climb
Course: Ranmore GH/41

1Daniel Arthur1:004:43.23:43.25
2Graeme Aston2:006:56.84:56.86
3Julian Dale3:006:08.43:08.4PTT
4Colin Gray4:007:31.43:31.43
5James Langstraat5:00DNSDNS 
6Teon Aldridge6:0010:03.44:03.4PTT
7Paul Malloy7:0010:33.23:33.24
8Tom Kennrtt8:0011:00.43:00.4PTT
9Kelvin Newman9:00DNSDNSPTT
10Daniel Pink10:0012:47.82:47.8PTT
11Isaac Griffiths11:0014:15.43:15.42
12Luke Lynch12:00DNSDNS 
13Paul Deen13:0015:57.82:57.81
14Matthew Woods14:0016:46.22:46.2PTT

Once again thanks to Peter for timing and to Tony Wells helping at the start.

Also thanks to Paul Deen for placing out the warning signs on the hill.

The evening was warm with light cloud and a slight westerly wind. 

Paul Deen was the winner of the event, after doing some fast 10 mile times recently.

Isaac Griffiths was runner up from a small field of members.

Fastest time was done by Matthew Woods Eastbourne Rovers who equalled his best time of six wins when riding as a junior member of Epsom CC in 1989.

The Stepping Stones was now open for meals and drinks, so we were able to round off this season, being unable to after last year’s event.

Thanks must go to Paul Deen for all the extra work that he has done to get the events organised again this year after the lock downs.