Event: 25 Mile Open TT
Course: H25/8

NameStartFinishTimePosHcpHcp TimeHcp pos
1Paul Malloy1:001:05:511:04:51511:0053:513
2Ben Skelton2:001:02:381:00:38 PTT  
3Brian Jones3:001:14:571:11:57 2ndC  
4Russell Hicks4:001:12:141:08:14 PTT  
5Peter Noble5:001:10:331:05:3367:0058:338
6Chris Balkham6:001:00:4954:49 PTT  
7Matthew Butler7:001:09:341:02:34 PTT  
8Ryan Sharp8:001:10:151:02:1539:3052:452
9Paul Beck9:00DNFDNF PTT  
10Chris Rosam10:001:16:591:06:59710:3056:296
11Tom Seller11:001:10:2759:27 PTT  
12Daniel Arthur12:001:21:531:09:53811:3058:237
13Peter Gray13:00DNSDNS PTT  
14Phil Gall14:001:15:221:01:22212:3048:521
15Josh Guest15:001:17:281:02:28 PTT  
16Derek Dowden16:00DNSDNS PTT  
17Cameron Hale17:001:21:061:04:0648:0056:065
18Kevin Wolff18:00DNSDNS PTT  
19Paul Haywood19:001:14:4455:4410:3055:144

Thanks to Peter Cooke for timing the evening events and to Tony Rogers timing the weekend events.Result of the Club 25 mile event, 8th August on H25/8 on the A31 between Farnham & the Alton By-Pass.

Thanks to Peter for doing the result and to Tony Rogers for timing, also to Tony Wells for assisting at the event.

Thanks to Brandon Stott for putting out all the warning signs again on this course.

With rain forecast, it came on cue, just after the first rider had started, together with a strong south westerly wind it made for a tough event.

It was a fast ride back from the Holybourne turn, with the rain having stopped at the finish before the first rider passed.

Paul Haywood was the winner with Phil Gall the runner up, taking the handicap prize with a good ride, after little racing for a couple of seasons.

On a tough day Ryan Sharp improved his personal best time by nearly three minutes and Cameron Hale and Paul Malloy both did good times for their first events at the distance.